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  We've moved to a new location. We're now in 2074 Flatbush Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11234. See directions

  We welcome and accept new patients.

  We handle some of the most difficult contact lens cases and custom lens designs.
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  Our office specializes in maintaining optical health. We hope to see patients once a year for thorough eye exams.
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  When it comes to your glasses, we use the best materials and the best labs. We keep a great selection of frames in the latest styles, including designer names and quality manufactures.
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To learn more, please call the Optometrist at (718) 338-0988 or visit us today!

2074 Flatbush Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11234

PHONE (718) 338-0988


Thank you for selecting our office for your vision care. Our goal is to provide you with the finest optometric care available. Your eye exam here is comprehensive and conducted with state of the art technology. Our doctors are caring, extremely knowledgeable, and dedicated to continuing education. They’ll always have an attentive ear for your questions and will carefully discuss your exam results with you. We examine not just your eye health and refraction for glasses, but also your visual skills such as eye teaming and focusing. Our findings are related to your overall health and nutrition profile. Your lifestyle, occupational and vocational needs drive our decision-making. Frequently our new patients comment that they've never had such a thorough eye exam.

We look to prevent future vision problems. As behavioral vision specialists, we relate our findings to your performance at work or in school, or to your recreational needs. Dr. Shakir is certified in the diagnosis and medical treatment of eye disease. If additional medical consultation or surgery is needed, we will assist you in selecting the right physician.

At Brooklyn Eye and Vision Care, we take great pride in offering a complete range of services. This includes general eyecare such as routine eye exams and contact lenses as well as care for conditions requiring medical or cosmetic treatment. We offer preservation and enhancement of your vision, visual comfort and efficiency.

Just some of the services we offer are eye health exams, vision examination, vision training, Children's Vision and Developmental Vision. We'll test your ability to move your eyes accurately, to keep your eyes focused at the correct distance and change focus efficiently, to coordinate your eyes together as a team, to see depth and colors accurately. We are not just looking to correct problems, we are looking to improve your quality of life through improvement in your vision and visual skills. We'll diagnose and treat your computer vision syndrome. Nearsightedness (myopia), farsightedness (hyperopia), Astigmatism and presbyopia just scratch the service of the conditions we diagnose and treat.

Our contact lens fitting and evaluations are done in such depth that we will uncover and solve problems before they are even noticed by you. And when you come in with complaints, like dryness, redness, lens awareness, irritation, etc., we will get to the bottom of it and eliminate it. There is no need to tolerate discomfort with your contacts. Don't think you can get them in your eyes? Nonsense, we'll teach you how! We do it all the time.

We accept MEDICARE, MEDICAID, VSP, UFT, Davis , Eyemed and most private medical insurance.