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  We've moved to a new location. We're now in 2074 Flatbush Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11234. See directions

  We welcome and accept new patients.

  We handle some of the most difficult contact lens cases and custom lens designs.
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  Our office specializes in maintaining optical health. We hope to see patients once a year for thorough eye exams.
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  When it comes to your glasses, we use the best materials and the best labs. We keep a great selection of frames in the latest styles, including designer names and quality manufactures.
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To learn more, please call the Optometrist at (718) 338-0988 or visit us today!

2074 Flatbush Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11234

PHONE (718) 338-0988

   Specialty and Fashion Eyeglasses, Sunglasses & Frames
Browse our huge variety of quality & designer frames & other eye care products.

Have high astigmatism, irregular astigmatism, unusually high prescription? Need bifocals? Come on in! Need specialty lenses for Keratoconus or a cosmetically disfigured eye? Perhaps you are having trouble with your RGP lenses. Welcome! Want to know about hybrid lenses and other new developments in from contacts but you want to find an eye doctor you can trust. Just one visit and you'll be sure you came to the right place. While you are here, wouldn't you benefit from excellence in vision care as well?

We provide preoperative and postoperative care of refractive surgery (like LASIK) and cataract surgery patients. Whether it is that or any other type of ocular surgery, we guide your choice of the finest surgeons to be found.

Topical medical treatment of eye disease is right up our alley. Whether it is Glaucoma, Cataracts, Macular Degeneration, Diabetic eye disease, Dry eyes, eye abrasions, pink eye, allergy eyes, excessive tearing, floaters or many other conditions, you'll find a competent and caring practitioner in our office, and you'll have your questions answered in a language you can understand. Lifestyle and nutritional guidance is offered when appropriate.

Double vision is a terrible problem that may result from conditions like diabetes, trauma, thyroid disease, neurological problems, or just functional eye muscle problems. We are particularly skilled at helping to reduce or eliminate your double vision with eyeglasses and/or vision therapy.

The quality of our Low Vision care is a source of pride in our office. Whether your needs are for magnifying devices of many types, lighting considerations, specialty eyeglasses, telescope, microscope, counseling or aids and products to assist you in your daily routine, you'll find the finest care right here in the convenience of Brooklyn.

Our eyeglass department deserves your attention. Not only do we offer a great selection of frames from many designers, but also our staff is trained to provide guidance so that your choice is right for the look you want cosmetically and is functionally correct for your prescription. We'll guide you in your choice of lens material, design, coatings, etc. We'll measure and fabricate your glasses perfectly and we'll adjust and fit them to perfection. We provide superior service and the highest quality material to all our patients, as nothing less will be "good enough".

When all is said and done, the most important aspect of your eye care is the doctor and your trust in and relationship with the doctor. Proudly, many of our patients regard us as part of their extended family. Our neighborhood has been changing. Many of our families have been moving away. Every day we see patients who return to us from surrounding counties and states, for their eye and vision care. There is no better compliment.

We accept MEDICARE, MEDICAID, VSP, UFT and most private medical insurance.