Don’t Be a Chicken

Over the years we have noticed that people with keratoconus often make and confirm an appointment for an initial evaluation and then don’t show up. That’s curious. The people that could benefit most are least likely to show up. I have to wonder why. I think that the idea of having an eye exam is just too scary – they are afraid to hear the bad news. When you think about it, it’s hard to blame them. Every day they are reminded of their eye problem by their poor vision, and glasses don’t help. Many can’t even hold a job, and those that work, have to struggle through the day.


If this sounds like you, I just want to say – don’t be a chicken. Chances are I’ll be able to restore your good vision with contact lenses. It might take some time initially but, once fitted your keratoconus is just a minor inconvenience. I have succeeded with many patients who were told they can’t be fitted. We have so many choices of different lenses and techniques that I have almost never had to refer a patient for surgery. So take a deep breath, make your contact lens evaluation appointment, and show up. Get ready to hear the good news!

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