Vision is learned

Vision develops during the early years of life, and the process in which vision is learned is called DEVLOPMENTAL VISION. Children who are slow to learn often experience lags in vision development. Our doctors are trained to recognize these lags and know how to treat it.

Some children have learning problems that are caused by vision deficiencies. This is not limited to blurred vision as in myopia, hyperopia, or astigmatism. Sometimes vision is clear but the child has not developed certain visual skills. Here is a list of a few possibilities.

  • Strabismus (see that page)
  • Accommodative dysfunction (poor focusing skills)

Accommodative insufficiency (not enough focusing power)

Accommodative infacility (difficulty changing focus)\

  • Binocular dysfunction: any or a number of problems which result in poor coordination between the two eyes – the eyes don’t work together as a team.
  • Ocular motor dysfunction: inability to move the eyes smoothly and efficiently.


Vision Training is a specialty in which visual skills problems are diagnosed and treated. Dr. Shakir is residency trained in vision training.

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