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  We welcome and accept new patients.

  We handle some of the most difficult contact lens cases and custom lens designs.
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  Our office specializes in maintaining optical health. We hope to see patients once a year for thorough eye exams.
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  When it comes to your glasses, we use the best materials and the best labs. We keep a great selection of frames in the latest styles, including designer names and quality manufactures.
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2074 Flatbush Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11234

PHONE (718) 338-0988


Primary Eye Care
When you have a problem with your eyes or with your vision, we are the people you'll want to see first. The medical approach to eye care is quite common among eye doctors, even dedicated ones. The main concern there is making sure that your eyes are healthy and that your visual acuity is as clear as it can be. These are indeed important considerations. Our model, however, incorporates a broader approach. The medical model is only the beginning. We are concerned with what you do with your eyes on a daily basis. What are your specific work activities; what sports are you playing; what are your hobbies; how much time do you spend reading or on the computer; how much driving do you do? If you are in school are you having difficulty learning? Can you accomplish your workload without feeling eyestrain? We consider the ergonomics of your workstation, your lifestyle, and your nutrition. We strive to improve your functioning with the judicious application of counseling, lenses, contact lenses, vision therapy, lighting, nutrition, and topically applied medication. If surgery is needed, we will direct you to a fine and appropriate surgeon. In fact we co-manage cataract surgery and refractive surgery such as LASIK. Surely we strive to maintain the health of your precious eyes, but we further seek to improve the efficiency of your visual system based on your individual needs.

Medical Treatment Of Eye Disease
We treat various eye diseases such as pink eye, dry eyes, allergy eyes, various eye infections and inflammations, and Glaucoma with topically applied medications.

Children's Vision and Vision Training
Children have very special visual needs. They are developing the visual skills that will serve them the rest of their lives. Ocular motor skills, binocularity, focusing skills, and visual perception skills are all related to their ability to learn and to perform in school. We test these various functions and intervene when necessary with the judicious application of lenses, counseling, and vision therapy. We participate in the Infant See program of the AOA in which we examine your baby's eyes in their first year of life for free. Many eye problems can and should be discovered and treated very early in life, and we have elected to participate in this important community service effort.

Contact Lenses
So many people buy contact lenses from "fast food" type eye-don't-care stores. Often this results in an unnecessarily poor contact lens experience. People think that it is normal for their eyes to be red and irritated when they wear their lenses. They think "of course my eyes feel dry at the end of the day, aren't they supposed to?" The fact is that there should be no awareness of the lenses, and they should not spontaneously come out of your eyes. Contact lenses should not cause your eyes to be red or irritated. Not all contact lenses are alike, and not all contact lens doctors are alike. If you have trouble with your contacts, please give us a call, most of the time we can fix even the most stubborn problems. If you are concerned about your child or teenager wearing contacts, give us a try. We'll select the right lenses for them, well fit them properly, and we'll provide the care that they need to maintain healthy eyes and proper vision. If you have astigmatism we'll find the right lenses for you to get you seeing your clearest. In your bifocal years contact lens wear is accompanied by certain difficulties, we'll work to obtain best possible solution.

Contact Lens Specialties
Contact lenses are fitted on top of the cornea. Some of us are not blessed with round, regular shaped, or clear corneas. People with high astigmatism, irregular corneas, or cosmetically disfigured eyes have special contact lens needs. We have been fitting contact lenses since 1977, a time when current contact lens technology was emergent. We have witnessed the success and growth of some technologies, and the failure of others. This experience makes us uniquely qualified in the fitting of these difficult cases. If you have the need for these custom lens designs, we'll find one that will work for you. We succeed where others have failed.

This is a condition where the cornea thins and bulges outward at the thin point. It is progressive, usually present in both eyes, and is noninflammatory so the eyes look white and quiet. Keratoconus is not painful, but people who have it often rub their eyes. We still don't know whether the rubbing causes the thinning, or keratoconus causes the rubbing. If you have keratoconus you should avoid rubbing your eyes. People with keratoconus often have very blurry vision and regular eyeglasses often cannot correct it. Specially designed contact lenses are often the only way to correct their vision. Fitting the keratoconic eye with contact lenses is an arduous process, but it is what we do and enjoy doing. There is nothing more satisfying for me than to help someone to see who otherwise could not. Some of the designs we employ are Synergeyes hybrid lenses, Rose K, Intralimbal, McGuire, Soper, Piggy Back techniques, and others. As you might expect, the doctor's skill is much more important for success than the type of lens used. Access to several lens types improves

Fashion Eyewear Dispensing
After all our diligent and careful work in the examination room, if glasses are needed, no one would be satisfied if they didn't love the look and fit of their glasses. That's why we carry a great selection of frames in our frame salon. Our styles are continuously updated, and we carry some of the best quality and designer lines. Our goal is to have frames to fit everyone's style and price range. You will be especially pleased at the professional guidance you'll get for selecting the style that is right for your look and proper for your prescription. Should you get a tint, an antiglare coating, a sun sensing lens, a progressive lens, a near variable focus lens? Is high index material appropriate for you? How high? There are so many new materials, lens designs and coatings that you can't possibly know what is best for yourself. We'll guide you every step of the way and we'll adjust the glasses that you do select so that they fit perfectly. Our goal is to make the best glasses you ever had at a better price than you thought possible.

We accept MEDICARE, MEDICAID, VSP, UFT and most private medical insurance.